My Experience so far in the Zuri and I4G internship

How I got to know.

I saw the post that Zuri team, and I4G are collaborating to bring an opportunity to beginner level developer, this post was in the I4G telegram grouped I joined. I also saw that the qualifiers / participant stand a chance to get a laptop or job. So, I thought this could actually be my chance of getting a development laptop and / or a development job, then I applied immediately.

I got in, hurray! Am happy I got the opportunity. Now, one of our first task is to write about our experience so far on the internship which is cool to know who is following up or not, the other task was for us to submit a resume (preparing us for the employment world) Cool, right?

The Journey so far.

I am a student, so what I resolve to keep me in the game is; I do night sub to keep me up to date with information about the Internship. Though it is a very big deal as I missed every live session (the orientation days), games in the #game channel, and discussion between the participant, I only get to see the whole thing after it is done, and that is why I currently don’t have a contact from the Internship or any personal experience. Nevertheless, I am glad and happy that I got a chance to participate in the Internship plus the fact that I am still able to keep up with things.

It has been fun, motivating and promising really, and I look forward to the challenging part of the Internship (Learning and Project Phase).

I really appreciate everyone that made this Internship happen, The Zuri Team, I4G (Ingressive For Good), The mentors, and those pulling strings behind the scene.

Why do I have to Post this here?

Of course I don’t have to bring this here, I should have just submitted it straight up, but I have a very huge passion for Tech Evangelism, writing and talking about Tech, I really look forward from this point to writing more Tech Articles, and probably share my experience in the Tech world.



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